Republic Day sale on iPhone 12 series,iphone 11,iphonex or iphone 7.

 Hello friends we will talk about Republic Day sale by Amazon and Flipkart on iPhone 12 series iPhone SE, iPhone 11 iPhone XR or iPhone 7.

Flipkart gives us a big billion sale on its site for iPhone. sale starts from 20 January and it will be end on 24 January. if you have already taken membership of Flipkart then for you the sale start will be 19th January to 24 January. basically Flipkart gives offer only limited I phones like iPhone 12 series, iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone 7.

If you will buy iPhone 12 mini then it will be a greatest deal for you. because now the price of iPhone 12 Mini is 68,900 but after the Republic Day sale that price will Be 59,900. you have to benefit of nearly 7000 rupees discount. but the more surprise is that if you have HDFC card then you have to see in 10% instant cashback. then the iPhone Mini will be only nearly 48,900 rupees. so if you want to buy a new generation updated but small size mobile then it will be a big deal for you.

If you will trading for old mobile then the offer is 9000 for You. while on iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE the offer is only 3000 rupees and extra cashback also will give you.

On the Republic Day the iPhone 12 series will be at lowest price as compared to that price when the 12 series was launched. after applying HDFC bank card you have an offer then the iPhone 12 will be only 61,900 rupee for you. if you will trading for old iPhone then the discount will be up to 9000 rupees. while if you buy iPhone XR, iPhone 12 then the offer will be up to 3000 rupees and extra cash back also available. when the sale will be start then the iPhone 12 series will be start from 48900 rupees. if you want to buy a compact size mobile which is easily usable for your one hand then you will go for iPhone Mini whose price will be 48 900 rupees.

The iPhone 12 will be available at rupees 61,900. while the higher model of iPhone 12 like iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be available at rupees 1,02900 and 1,12900 rupee. if you will exchange your mobile then the price may be vary because if you will exchange your mobile with iPhone 7 then you have to pay more money because the price of iPhone 7 is very low as compared to 12 series.

If we talk about the iPhone 11 than the price may go down up to 37,900 rupees. if you want to compact size as compared to iPhone 12 mini then you can go for iPhone SE 2020. it will be available nearly 20,900 rupees. in our list the last mobile is iPhone XR whose price will be down up to 28,900 rupees. where as in iPhone SE and XR have only one camera.

This price of iPhone 12,12 Mini ,X ,SE and 11 is only for 64GB model . whereas iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max is available in 128 GB model.

Amazon also gives us big billion deals. it will give us offer on iPhone and Apple watches. the sale on Amazon starting 20 January to 23 January. If you already have Amazon membership then the sale will be start for you from 19th January to 23 January. Amazon gives us 40 % discount on iPhone mobile. if we are using SBI card that 10% extra off will give us By Amazon and if we will trading for old mobile on Amazon then the offer will be 5000 rupees.

Amazon reveal a news that on Republic day offer it will give iPhone 12 Mini only 59,900rupees (MRP 69,900) rupees. if customer want to get more cashback so he can do payment through SBI card. so they will provide 10% instant extra cash back. Customer must attention that there will be no any charger with 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Mini comes will A14 Bionic chip.

On the iPhone 12 there will be no any discount but if the customer wants to get benefit as compared to the offline store then if they will pay money with SBI card . then they can get 10% instant cashback the pricing of iPhone 12 is 79900 rupees. so if you will pay with HDFC card then you will get 10% instant cashback with exchange offer. iPhone is available in five colour red, black, white, green and blue. they can choose their colour also.

During the Republic day offer you can get iPhone 7 32GB only 23,900 rupees. whose Market price is 29,900 rupees and with this you will get exchange offer with 11000 rupees. 

During the Republic day offer apple watch series 3 will be available only at 23,900 rupees.but the market price is also 23,900 rupees but the benefit is that the delivery will be free.

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