What is SEO ?

Today I will tell you about seo, what is seo, how do we use it, what is the use of it, how can we do this for our website?

Meaning of SEO
Search engine optimisation 

Suppose you have posted an article on your website, so now how will we reach it to the people, then there are three ways for this

1. You can post your article on Facebook on staff WhatsApp, in this you will get traffic of up to 100 or 200 people.
2. You can advertise your article on insta on Facebook or on YouTube, for this you will have to spend 10 to ₹ 15,000.
3. The third way Millions can take organic traffic, in this way we will use seo.

Types of seo
1. White hat seo
2. Black hat seo

1. White hat seo In this we do nothing to get our website ranked, we give our website to Google to rank our website.
2.Black hat seo In this, we force Google to rank our website first in order to rank our website.

What is advanced seo
First of all, search for the keyword of the article from which you want to write a related post, you go to Google and search the keyword related to the article you want to write, then Google gives you lots and lots related to the same keyword. So from there you get keywords for the description of your article and these are the keywords that people search the most, so if you put those keywords in your description, then when someone searches Google related to those keywords So there is a lot of chance that Google should bring your website to the users.
Now the keyword you have sucked for your article, we have to see how much that keyword is searched in Google, how much is its search volume, for this you have to search keyword everywhere in Google, this is an extension, you have to install it in Chrome After that when you search any keyword in Google, this automatic will tell you how much the search volume of this keyword is, you can use the keyword whose search volume is high.

User friendly url
If your url is yourwebsite.com/1234 then it is not a user friendly url. Your url should be yourwebsite.com/yourtitle.

How to do seo for our website

On page seo
In this, you work within your website to get your website ranked like you have to use a keyword that has the highest volume for your title and find the keywords related to its word that people search the most. And to put it in your description, you have to find a suitable label for your article and you have to create your own permalink which will be the URL of the article of your website and inside the permalink you have to enter the main keyword of your title.
In the coding of your website, you have to insert a related description from the bottom of your website. It also says mattype tag. If you have any mistake in coding or if your tag is missing, then you have to search HTML checker in your Google there. If you want to enter a link, then whatever error will be there will tell you, then you have to keep the minimum error in your website, only then your website will be ranked this all things are called on page seo.

Off page seo
In this, you can put the URL of your website in the footer of a website which already has a lot of traffic, so when the user visits his website, then there is a lot of chance that he should also visit your website link to it This is called building and with this Google will also rank your website. It is also called backlinks. The more backlinking you take from people's website, Google will rank your website so much that when Google's bot visits their website then that bank link Through your website will also visit, you have to take backlinks only from those websites which are already ranked websites.
You can take backlinks from Wikipedia blogger blog spot. To take backlinks, you must make a comment related to their post in the article of their website and also put a link to your website below and in this way your website will be ranked well and your backlink too Will be created.

To rank your website, you can redirect it from HTTP to HTTPS, you will have to reduce the time of opening of your website, the less time it takes to open your website, the better Google will rank it for checking your website speed. You search the page speed test on Google and analyze your website, it will tell you the speed of your website. If the speed of your website is very low, then you have to remove the unnecessary things in the coding, due to which your website becomes more accessible to someone.

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