Pubg mobile new update livik map secrete locations.

Friends, today we will talk about the new update of PUBG Mobile, which will tell you everything about the first pubg which has been updated.

Right now you may get some problem to see some galleys in it because now it is with beta version so you may get to see all these problems but later these problems will be fixed when it will update with full version.
When you update the pubic for the legal map, you will see the posters of the new pictures, after seeing it, you will know what you are going to get in it, after that you will get the updates of the updates that you can collect, in this you will get a very good helmet. Will get a Skin which will only be for 3 days.
You can play this legal map inside a classic, which is a great thing because most of the updates that come are for RK or Arena only. A map has come to you in the name of Unknown Classic, which you have 21 By what date you can play inside it, when you play it will not increase your cash and you can only play it in the game and the best part of it is that your ranking will not be reduced in this and it will be a 15 minute match.
You will get bonus points for playing this match so much and this bonus point will increase your tire in the next season and as if it is a beta version, then you can get a little problem, inside it you will get to see a monsoeter truck which very nice.

New map
pubg mobile is going to get a new map with which we will get new weapons and vehicles, it has just come for Bita Varson and soon it will be brought for mobile as well. Creator had told you about this map in Internet, this map has been created in the creators of PUBG for those who did not have much time and they also want to play PUBG. This map ends soon.
This map is created on 2×2 kilometers. In this match a few people will participate this match is created only for 40 to 50 players. Due to small way and distortion of players this match will be ended in 15 minutes.
Due to the many attractive views in the small map, he makes it attractive. It also has hotspring volcano and waterfall.
No more information has been found about this new map, but it will be slightly different from the old map because this map has been created by combining Erangal Vikandi and Sanhok.

Here is how much the water looks from top to bottom. As I have said, this map is made by combining the erengel senhok and vikandi which is the house. But all the other things look like erengel.
No one knows where the water of the spring comes from, but if you jump in a waterfall sitting in a kayak, you will not be harmed, but when you jump in the waterfall without any kashti, you will be harmed that there is also a secret location inside it. You get very good loot and you cannot see anything through that falling water, but if someone shoots you from outside, then you will surely get loss.

At the second location, you get a sheet standing with the container which is a mixture of erangal and senhok and on that you get very good loot.

At the third location you get a new gun. It is exactly the same as the m416 but it is not an Otto gun. It is a single shot gun. This makes the gun different from the angle m416 under it, named mk12 which is a DMR gun. This is a single Carries on .

Important things
1. This map is 2×2 kilometers 
2. Only 50 players can play this map
3. In this map match will ended in 15 minutes

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