How to increase blog traffic free in 2020 . Why our site drop impressions and clicks ?

Friends, today I will tell you why there are reasons why impressions and clicks do not come on our website and how can they be corrected, if traffic does not come on our website, then Google is not bringing our website to the people. Due to which our CTR B goes down and even after Adsense, we cannot make money and Adsense also does not give us approval, later we are not able to earn even a lot of money, today I will tell you the reason of all these things. Thing is on your website too, so how can you fix them.

# 1 Redirect your site http to https.
Does the property definition of your website match the URL of your website? It is very important to match the property of your website to the URL of your website. If it does not, then your website will open on HTTP, which should open on HTTPS. First of all you To see if your website is redirected from HTTP or not and if your website is and it opens on HTTP then it can cause a lot of traffic traffic, you will have to redirect your website from HTTP to HTTP.

How to redirect our website from http to https.
Open in your mobile that you have to go to settings, then you have to click on Basic, then you have to do HTTPS availability and also HTTPS redirect which will redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

# 2 Google don't crwaled your site yet
So you write a post on your website and you request it to be crawl, but Google does not make it very soon, many people think that Google will make it soon but due to many factors it is a It can take weeks and even more, if you submit a sitemap and request for a URL to be crawled then please be patient.

# 3 your site missing from google.
If you feel that traffic is not coming on your website, then you must confirm that if your website is on Google, it has not been removed from Google, then you have to see if your website is on Google. You have to search the from here you will know whether your website is on Google or not if your site is not on Google Even then you will not get traffic, this may be due to this if any of your URLs have been removed from your website, you may also get an error and due to which your traffic will also be affected.

# 4 you moved your site.
Have you changed your host name like to, have you moved the URL of your website to another page like to , have you moved your site from HTTP to HTTPS, if you have done all this then for a few days you will see all this problem Will get.

# 5 check your index covrage
You have to go to the coverage in your Google search console and look at the valid page report. If you see any meaning, warning and exclusion URL in the index page, then you have to go to the dip of this URL and find some clues and see Why the page is not indexed for a long time once it is indexed and you have to see how you can solve the meaning.

# 6 Template issue 
If you change the theme of your website again and again, a lot of your website will be hurt.

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In this post i have tell you about how you get more and more impressions and clicks on your website and how to prevent drop of your website impressions and clicks if you will do this thing which i explain you in this topic then you will definitely get a lot of impressions and clicks and get lot off money. If anything you don't understand in this topic you can comment in the comment section i definitely solve your problem.

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