What are backlinks? how to create do follow no follow backlinks and its benefits.

Friends, today we will talk about what are backlinks, how can we make high quality backlinks and what do we gain from these.

What are backlinks?
Backlink is the easiest and most important way to rank any of our posts or our website by using which we can bring unlimited organic traffic to our website. This is the method that brings traffic from second ranking website to our website which is already Is the ranked website. It tells Google's crawler to rank our website or our post.

How to create high quality backlinks?
If you want to create high quality backlinks, then you have to search Google in the title of the title of your title and place a blank in front of the title. All will open there You have to see which article you have written, which question is related to which question, then you have to copy your entire article and put an answer under that question and in the last you have to put a link to your website, now when people If you read the article, there is a lot of chance that people will visit your site and it will get a lot of traffic, but remember that you do not have to paste the link of your website directly or else quora will remove it from your website, you have to paste the article first. If you want to provide a link then in this way you can create a backlink on the blank for your website.

● Backlinks are mainly two type
1.Do follow backlink
2.no follow backlink

1.How does dofollow generate backlinks, how do we generate our website which helps us to get organic traffic to our website?
To create two follow backlinks, you have to write your article first and then search the title of that article in Google and write blogger next to it, then you will see all the posts related to that article on Blogger. The website has a very high ranking on Google, due to which there will be a lot of good traffic on your site, if you create a backlink to a website that has just been created, then it will go into the backlink space and your post will be blocked below you. Copy the given code.
<a href="https://techxbar.co.in/">Techxbar Yt</a>
And where https://techxbar.co.in is written, you have to paste the link of your article and put the title as far as techxbar is written, then copy that link and where you put your title in Google, blogger has written this article. To open and comment below related to that article and paste the link that was copied with your comment, then when the blogger gives you approval in a few hours then your comment will also show there, then one of your quality backlinks Will be generated and it will bring very good organic traffic to your site which will be very beneficial for you. 

2.no follow backlink
It will not be very beneficial, it will not get much traffic but still you can try it. No follow back link, I will have to put my entire article to answer the question of that site, as if you have to put your entire article in a blank. Says no follow backlink.

How to genrate no follow backlink?
For this, you cannot put a link to your website directly in quora, because you can ban quora with the first article you have to enter, then you can add a link to your website or post together, but it is not sure that The person who has an article on Kora will also come to your site.

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