How to create a you tube channel and how to get money from youtube ?

Friends, today I will tell you how to create a YouTube channel, how to bring traffic to it very well and how to monetize it and how we can also make money from YouTube.

How to create a youtube channel ?
To create a YouTube channel, you will need a Gmail first. Remember that if you create a new Gmail instead of the old Gmail, then it will be better. Now you have to open Chrome in your mobile and write then right one The icon is made, you have to click on it.

Right now you have been given a lot of options, you have to first click on the option which is in the name of Create A Channel, then click on Get Started, now you will get to see two options. Do or choose  custom name, we will use the custom name. 

Now you have to enter the name of your channel, whichever name you want to name it, you can also change it after entering your channel name, you will accept the term and condition and click on CREATE, then you will see the name of your channel. You will click on create channel.

Now your channel has been created, now you will click on the three road in the top right and then you will see the option on the desktop, then you will suck it, then your YouTube studio will open, you will manage your channel from YouTube studio itself and from here you can watch videos You can upload the same from here, you reply to the comment, from here you link Adsense and check your earnings here too.

How to customize your channel?
After this you will search and click on the icon at the top right and click on the your channel, then you will have the option of customized channel, click on it, now here you have to add your channel logo and channel art and description first. If you want to add a logo, you will click on people, then click on edit, then you will click on the uploaded photo, you will allow permissions, wherever you are in the gallery, you will select that you will be done, now your people have been engaged.

Again we will search then click on the top 3 dots and choose desktop then click on your icon where your people are, then click on the Your channel, click on the customized channel, now you have to select the image for the channel art You will click on the channel art, then click on edit, then wherever you have placed the image in the gallery, select it and upload it.

Now you have to enter your channel description of what your channel is related to, from which topic you will put the related videos, you have to go to about now. You can also add links to social media or website, for that you will click on the link under the description, then click on the ad, then you can put the link there and you will be done.

How to done monetization on our channel?
When the watch time of all our videos becomes 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers, then within 1 year, we can get our monetization turned on.

How to get traffic on youtube?
If you want to bring traffic to your YouTube, then we will have to share the link of whatever videos are made by us on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and all the social media platforms and if anyone who already has a YouTube channel has a lot of Stay subscribed, if you put a link to our channel in your channel then there can be a lot of traffic on our channel.

How to earn money from youtube ?
If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you have to upload the daily video, at least one video must be in a day and you have to download the video of another channel and not put it on the channel because you will get the copyright strike and If there is a strike of text down on your channel, then you will not be able to earn money, your channel will also fail. If you want to earn a lot of income, then you have to put your own contact in your own voice and also your own face. And the most different is to put content that is not on YouTube and to put some content which is in trending which people search the most.


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