Is blogspot still active in 2020.

Today I will tell you about the blog support whether the blogspot will really be a sister or not and who bought and what will happen to the people who created accounts on the blog spot, will their accounts get banned and with Blogspot What happened is the last time for the blog spot has come? Is the partnership of the owner of Balog Sapot still with Google? Will the blogspot remain active in 2020? How can we redirect our website from dot in to dot com, can we do this and whoever has purchased Balog support has bought it for how much rupees.

Blockspot was started in 1999 by Google and it became very popular. Every country had its own different suffics like in Russia if someone created a site on Blogger then there would be a and if someone made a side in India, then Similarly, there were a lot of suffics of blocgspot and now Google has sold, due to which a lot of users are losing money.

# Is blogger still owned by google.
So now we talk about who bought, then people have bought blogspot from a website called Domainmini and it has been updated on 15/7/2020. Now blogspot is not owned by google.

So when Google brings a new update or thinks about discontinuing something, then a month or two ago, it tells us that we will update or stop this thing like now update the new interface of Balog support. If it has come, then it has already been told about it in Google, so far you are also able to use the old interface but on 24 August the old interface will be completely closed.

On February 15, 2015, it was told by Google that the adult content that we have on Google, we will either delete it or make it private, but if it was strongly opposed, then within 3 days we changed our decision in Google and said that on Google An option will be given to private for the adult content which you will have to make private, if you do not make it private then it will be made private by Google. In this also, Google had told 1 month ago that we are going to give private content updates.

The decision to discontinue Google Plus was taken in December 2018 and it was told that in April 2019, Google Plus will be closed, here too we were told 3 to 4 months ago. It clearly shows that before Google stops anything.

# Will blogspot be shut down
There were some very popular blogs which were sold by Google, so they have started opening automatically on .com and as we know that .in has also been sold by Google, so all the big blogs with .in were there. If you open on .com, this means that Google wants to take all the people to .com, then it is simply a shifting .in Google will not close anyone's account on .com and recently Google made a lot of improvements in Blogger. So if Google were to close Blogger then it would improve why the blogspot would not be closed and it would be redirected.

# What happens with blogspot
Blogspot has not been closed completely, the Indian Suffix was removed and the website that opened on has now been directed to as well, so the blogspot is not closed for the time being. It is happening but still you must buy a custom domain for your safety.

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Today I have told you about Balogaspot whether Balogaspot has been completely closed or not. Blog which is a suffix of India, it has just been closed and all the account blog spot. All accounts that were opened with in have now been redirected to .com
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