Asus rog 3 full review experience,prize,launching date and pubg experience.


Asus rog is a 5G mobile.
Airo active cooler is also aded.
Extra voice remover earphone.
Mobile desktop dog.
A twin view dog also.

Friends, today I will tell you about asus rog 3 mobile, we will talk about its specification and its price and launching date.

So after a long wait asus gets have brought our new brand new mobile so we see how its box contents are and what are its special features.

# 1 Packing
The packing of this mobile is different and its box contact is very different from any mobile phone, there is no seal on it, it can only be opened by sliding it to open it. If you talk about first look, then anyone likes this mobile at first sight.

# 2 Variants
So with this mobile we get an Aeroactive Cooler which helps us to keep it cool and it also has lighting and a headphone jack. With this phone we get a charger which we get is charger with C output is of 30 output. We also have a cable of a rider c to c type quality which is of very high quality as well as a dongle. With this we also get an aerodynamic cooling system which helps us to keep it cool if our mobile becomes hot. Along with this, we also get a display dog ​​for gaming and we get a mobile desktop dog to play serious game play, as well as twine view, where gaming fun doubles, here we also get setra gaming headphones. Where we also get Extra Voice Remover for a very great experience.

# 3 Look
If you talk about the first look of mobile, then people will like it at first sight. A stylish bumper case is available for the protection of this phone, whose people are quite brilliant. It has a charging slot at the bottom and a left side and the power button is on the right side with which we turn it on or off, along with that we also get to see the volume button on it and also the air. Trigger is also there to enjoy the gaming and in the left side we also get a dual sim tray. The bottom side gets the primary microphone and USB C type cable jack.

# 4 Camera
If we talk about the camera, we get to see the triple session rear camera, which is a 64 megapixel primary camera with a 32 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 5 megapixel micro camera, along with this we also get an LED flash light. If we talk about the front camera, then we get to see a 24-megapixel selfie camera in the front side, which will give a very good selfie experience.

# 5 Display and network 
If we talk about the display, then there is a 6.5 inch super amoled display inside which there is also a touchscreen sensor. Its experience is very good, in this we get protection of Gorilla Glass Six. If we talk about fingerprint key and face unlock, then both are very fast and both are very secure, which is very quick to hear. Talking about its display, its display is hdr10 plus. And its touch screen time is 25 ml, which has not come with any mobile yet, if you play games without headphones in this mobile, then the sound you get from right side will be heard right and the sound It will come from the left side, it will be heard on the left side only. If we talk about the network, your RoG will merge your 5G internet and your WiFi, so that you will not have internet trouble.

# 6 andriod
If we talk about Android, then it is based on Android 10 and along with it, we also get the processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Octa Core 55, which is the fastest in Android Mobile.

# 7 battery
Friends, if we talk about the battery, then with this we get to see 6000 mAh battery and there are many options to customize the battery with which you will be able to improve its battery life quite well. If we talk about the advantage of the battery, then you can charge yourself in your own time in such a way. We have got an extra vote in the left side with which we can also charge the mobile and in this we will not have any problem in playing the game. 

# 8 storage and prize
If we talk about storage, then we get 38 GB RAM with 128GB internal storage, whose price is 49,999 and the price of mobile with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage is ₹ 57,999.

Pubg experience 
If I talk about PUBG then a lot of people are very keen to know about what is special in this mobile which is not there in any gaming mobile as I have told you that ROG is a Gaming is mobile, it has been specially designed for gamers so that we can get to see a great game play, in this you also get air triggers in the right side, which run from touching with our beautiful, it also has a display top for gaming. Has been given and an air cooler has also been given which will keep it cool while playing the game and will enjoy the best games. If we talk about the lag then we will not get that problem because its RAM is 8GB and 12gb and if we talk about the ping that comes while playing PUBG then ROG also gives us the option to clean our internet and wifi which is our Increases the internet speed by 2 times so that we will not get any issue related to ping, along with this we also get twine view log, which will increase the fun of the game even more and the sound has also been changed in ROG THY game. The voice that comes from playing while playing will be heard by Wright. And the voice that comes from the left side, we will hear it in the left side only if you do not use the ear phone too.

●Key spesification 

Display- 6.5 inch
Front camera- 24 megapixel
Rear camera- 64 megapixel+32mp+5mp
Ram- 8GB,12GB
Battery capacity- 6000mAh


Height- 171mm
width- 78mm
thickness- 9.85mm
weight- 240.0 gram


Display type- super amalod


Processor-snaodragon 865 + octa core 55
Ram- 8 GB


Internal storage- 8GB + 128Gb, 12Gb + 256Gb


Rear camera- 64 + 32+ 5megapixel
Front camera- 24mega pixel

● Battery

Capacity- 6000 mAh
type- c type
Fast charging- yes

● Network and connectivity

Sim size- Nano sim
Network support -5G, 4G,3G,2G

Launching date - 6 august expected

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