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Today I will tell you that how you rank your blog on Google is blogging good for SEO and how to check block ranking

1.How do you rank your blog

A.Keyword research
mainly keyword is not important when we used it but they are still necessary for SEO when you search some keyword then they can help to tell you that what is searching in market and when you put your keyword in your blog under 60 words then there are more chance to rank your website top on Google .
to using the Google keyword planner you can find highly searchable keyword you can use your favourite tool to choose your he was like keywordtool.io ,books keyword tool and Google keyword planner you can combine a possible number of Keyword which you can target generally it is more important to choose your main topic which is most searchable on Google and then choose your words which can help you to flush out your topic.

B Put your article on social media.
 it is one of the best way to rank your blog when you share your post on social media than there can be more chance to click on them suppose you have your own audience upon your platform and then you should share your post with your own fans Facebook LinkedIn, quora ,Pinterest and Instagram there are a lot of platform in which you can share your post.

2.Is blogging good for SEO

A.SEO friendly blog
do you know that build up a good website can be important to your search engine ranking but what you should to do to make SEO friendly blog there are some points to make your blog best and will help to rank on top.

B.Keep your image small
I don't know that how important images for our blog but if bloated image can slow you to your page and can decreasing your site speed so the simplest way to download your image you have to save your image as .jpgs and txt/header as if it's your image is not in jpgs then use a tool to convert image on Jgps.

 C.meta description
 it is very important to for our every post you should add meta description on our each post and we have to add meta description like that with which people Can attract our website it shows just down to our title this is the text under the title which discribe more than the title that what is in our content you should put your meta description according to the people that what people want to find on Google keep your description and under 160 characters and don't mix up with with your words.

 interlinking helps people to read your other post when reader is done reading your content that you should put your next or previous post link that the reader can help read your another post if you gives 4,5 link then it will have to next step to do and it will the beneficial for you think and also increase traffic on your blog.

E.Hunt for link
you should firstly search about your post which you want to publish
go to popular blogs
you should go to the most popular post related to your topic and see what he writes in his post

 3.create content better than the popular post 
now you know that what is in the popular blog post now your goal is that to create a better post to the popular blog post you should add more very valuable content to your blog that your website can rank.

4.how to check blog ranking
If we want to see that our blog is ranking on google then you must go to google search console and sign up with you email with which your site is link an then you can see about your website check your click and impressions

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