Difference between arogya Setu app and tracetogether APK

what is tracetoghether application?

 With the Help of health minister prevent the spread of COVID-19 with this contact tracing application developed by the Government Technology Agency  in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


 A man who stay with the person who's have COVID 19 virus has the more chance to affect with this virus COVID 19. which person who has COVID 19 virus can be detected with the help of some instruments and checkups can be prepare fastly in the presence of the docters.

Identify who have been exposed involve interviewing the person effect. the person recount their moments and all the people they have been contact with before and after testing positive for COVID 19 virus.

TraceTogether is the app which can be used to detect the current virus.it works exchanging short distance bluetooth signal betwwn phone to detect other participating trace together users.

this facility record can be collated in every mobile user.it gives permission touch tracing.
This facilitates the contact tracing process and enables the contract traverse to indicate users who are contacts near the COVID-19 position. Indicated, users may soon take the necessary action, such as monitoring their own health with concern for signs of flu-like symptoms. Prior detection can potentially help reduce the risk of the spread of the virus, and better protect our families and individuals.

TraceTogether is available on the playstore and appstore to download.

Records of such encounters are stored locally on each user's phone. If a user is interviewed by the MOH as part of contact tracing efforts, he / she may consent to send his / her own TraceTately data to the MOH.


This app is available on the playstire and the appstore. aarogysetu app is available in 11 languages. this application is desgin for telling about only the user.He has crossed paths with someone who has tested positive. Tracking is done through a Bluetooth and loca ...

aarogy setu mobile aap is desgined with the help of electronic ministry and IT to help the citizens to know about the COVID 19,has notched upto more than 10 million downloads since it launched 5 day ago. this app is on playstore for android users and in appstore for ios users.This applications is in the 11 languages.

aarogysetu app is desgined to provide the information about COVID 19 to users.
aarogysetu is designed to keep an user informed in case he has crossed paths with someone who has tested corons positive. The tracking is done through a Bluetooth and location-generated social graph, which can show your interaction with anyone who has tested corona  positive.
After installing this aarigyasetu app, you have to switch on Bluetooth (you are recommended to keep it on at all times) and Location. Then, set 'location sharing' to 'Always' (you can change this anytime later).

Aarogysetu has the tools to self testing about COVID 19. many type of answers take by users.if many answers tell about the COVID 19. then the information send to government server. The data will then help the government to take timely steps and initiate the separation process if necessary. If you inadvertently, test positive, you will be cautious. The application alerts are accompanied by instructions on how to isolate yourself and what to do in case you develop symptoms.

the data information send to only the government. aarogysetu is not allow your name and number publicaly shown.

1when you will run this app ,this aarogysetu application allow to detect your location automatically.
2 then you will get an otp and you will enter in the application.
3 choose your gender in the application
4 enter your full name and age also.
5 the question will be asked about your foreign travelling history of last 30 days. Give the appropriate answer about your travelling history.



To trace users the Ministry of Health (MOH) issues sensitive anonymous temporary IDs that are used to identify the patient to all third parties. When two users of the app pass, it uses Bluetooth Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) readings to periodically estimate a proximity and proximity between two users between devices. This proximity and duration information is stored on one's phone for 21 days on a rolling basis.

TraceT fully adopts a distributed approach where participating devices exchange proximity information whenever an app detects another device from a TraceT fully installed app. [5]

DEVLOPERS  - government technology Agency

written in  - kotline ( android )
                              swift ( ios )

operating system- andriod, ios



The stated objective of this app is to spread awareness about COVID-19 and to add essential COVID-19 related health services to the people of India. [5] This app extends the Department of Health's initiative to include COVID-19 and share best practices and consultations. It is a tracking app that uses the smartphone's GPS and Bluetooth features to track coronovirus infections. The application is available for Android [6] and iOS mobile operating systems. [[] With Bluetooth, it tries to determine the risk.

DEVLOPERS- National informatics center


WRITTEN IN- kotlin and java

OPERATING SYSTEM- andriod and jawa

available in - 12 language

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