What Will Window 11 Release,Price In 2020.

Window 11 FAQ


Window 11 will be release on 29 july 2020. Window 11 will be comes with a bigger change Ever in the window history.window 11 Is a best thing  made by microsoft.there will be some best new Changes in window 11.it will be batter than the window 10 and all other windows.there will be add some extra feature than other windows.all people have a lot of expectation with window 11.

●Will there be a window 11 ?

Microsoft will launch a window 11 in 2020.but window 11 will not for pc or mobiles.microsoft will launch some updates this year which may get you upto the November of every year.microsoft will changes into the window 10 to make window 10 to the next level.which will be a best experience for the all users.this upgrades will run in window 7 ,8.1 and 10 definitely. These upgrades will be free for window 7 window 10.mobiles pc and microsoft will have ability to open a lot of tabes.it will be creates to taking the negative feedback of window 11.

                     ● Advance power managments

Microsoft had done a great power mangament with the window 7,8.1 and window 10 . Now in window 11 it surely increase its power management than window 10.and its experience will be best for users.

                            ●improverd security 

Microsoft have gives us a lot of enhence security in all older windows.now it will gives also a lot off securityin window 11 surely . It will be add fingerprint security also which may be best for us and will be secure our folders.

                      ●internst things in window 11

Window 11 will have greather stability to handel the internet speed. Its improvment will provide us a extra level speed in window 11.

                          ● graphics and quality

Window 10 have a greather graphic quality than other window.it shows that every window update graphic quality improves so it is clear that in window 11 also have greather quality level wich will be unexpected.

●Window 11 coast

If you want to upgrade window 11 in your system and you wll upgrade your computer then you shouldn't have any payment to upgrade your system.window 11 will be free for all window users.

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